Prize Indemnity

By launching promotions and giving out prizes, you will be able to attract customers and public attention.  As a result, your brand and business may stand out in the industry effectively and successfully.  You may be concerned that giving out prizes will increase pressure to your expenses, but the fact is it is not necessary for them to spend a million dollars in order to create a million worth of prize! 


We can show you that with Prize Indemnity” insurance, the insurer will pay the value of the prize if there is a winner.   So even with limited budget, you or your clients are able to give out attractive grand prizes.


Over Redemption

Moreover, you do not have to worry that your brand may expose to unexpected costs of over redemption or high profile disaster caused by the risk of too many winners in your promotion campaigns.  We can show you how “Over Redemption” insurance can protect you from over-budget due to unexpected campaign result.  With this cover, the insurer will pay for the additional costs of redemption. 


Prize Indemnity for Marketing Campaigns

We can guide you to the likely response rate or adapt your ideas to increase redemption.  By budgeting for an insurance premium, you can fix the cost of your promotion before it goes live.   


Add excitement to your company, charity or golf course tournament by offering valuable, attention-getting hole in one prizes without the risk of a payout. With Hole In One Insurance, you offer spectacular hole in one prizes. When one of your lucky participants aces the target hole, the policy will pay for the prize, the winner takes home the prizes and you sit back and take the calls from the press!  

Mathematical Games

Scratch Cards  

Lucky Draw and more...  


Talk to us and we will show you how to design an interesting game to attract your customers!  


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