What is a certificate of insurance and how long does it take to get one?
A certificate of insurance provides proof to an interested party that you have coverage.  We understand timing is important in this area and will arrange to issue certificates on the day of request or by the effective date of the coverage.  


What is the procedure we should follow to file a claim?
Immediately following an incident, you should contact our office and we will assist you with the necessary paperwork to file all claims.  


What type of insurance and what amounts are required for a shoot in Asia?
Prices and coverage vary depending on the size of the project, type of filming, length of time of principal photography, equipment needs, etc.  Each project is different, and we can customize coverage to your specific needs.  No project is too big or small.  


Our non-profit organization is planning a fund-raiser.  Do we need insurance?
Depending on the type of fund-raiser it is, there is a very good chance you will want to cover your organizations activities against potential accidents.  


Do you cover rental equipment?
Yes.  We can cover rental equipment on a blanket basis...worldwide, short or long term.  


What is necessary to get a quote on my film or video project?
You will need to provide us with your budget for the project, the script or synopsis, shooting schedule, and biography on principals.  We will then discuss your project with you, prepare necessary applications, and provide you with a complete quote.  


Do I have to buy an annual policy?
No.  Many projects are short term, particularly features, TV specials and pilots, and coverage is issued accordingly.  


Do I have to pay the premium all at once?
In short term policies, the premium must be paid in full at inception of coverage.  Annual policies can be financed with an easy payment plan.  


Should I get quotes from several agents for my film project?
You are welcome to shop around yourself if you have the time.  However, we are expert independent agents and a part of our service is to go into the marketplace and "shop" for the rates and coverages on your behalf, saving you the time, expense, and effort. 

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