Individual Health Care

Insure you and your family members against death and disablement caused by accident, and medical and related expenses caused by accidental injury or sickness commenced, at a wide range of benefit combination to fit your needs.   Extensions of cover available are Renewal Bonus, Funeral Expenses, Intensive Care Unit Benefit (Accident and/or Sickness), Consolation Benefit for Sudden Sickness Death, Temporary Total Disablement.


Life Insurance

A variety of Term Life and Whole Life products available to suit your personal needs. 


General Home Package - including Content and Owner’s Liability etc

Your home is more than a roof over your head. It is a valuable asset that shelters you and your valued possessions. We offer you a choice of coverage to protect and preserve your home, your investment, your lifestyle and the possessions you cherish most.



A comprehensive insurance policy for homes, cars, boats, valuable possessions and collections, and personal liability. It has been especially designed for those with significant assets to protect and who demand the reassurance of superior levels of coverage and service.   Coverage beyond your expectations includes Deluxe House, Worldwide Deluxe Contents, Worldwide Valuable Articles - Fine Art, Jewellery and Other Valuables, Insuring your wine collections, Worldwide Personal Liability.


Wine Collection

It can take a lifetime to build a collection of fine wines. For some collectors, the years of searching the world's wineries for the finest vintages, is not simply a hobby, it is a passion.   Like a work of art, fine wine is a treasure. And like all valuables, it needs to be protected. If you collect wine, whether it is one rare bottle or a hundred.


Domestic Helper

It is a legal requirement to insure your domestic helper under the Workman’s Compensation Insurance Labor Ordinance.  If you are an employer, you are responsible for any injury or accident to your domestic helper.


Private Motor

Third party insurance is compulsory by law.  You must obtain a certificate of insurance before a transfer of ownership and car registration can be completed.  Insurers can apply a “no claim bonus” up to 60% discount.


Travel Insurance

Single trip or annual travel accident plans may be arranged depending on your travelling needs, including an optional Medical Guarantee Card--China.


Medical Insurance Policy - China

Even you have the broadest medical coverage, if the accident or sickness happens in Mainland China, you may still find yourself helpless.  With Medical Guarantee Card--China, together with Insurer’s 24 hours hotline services, you can find a reliable hospital in over 20 provinces in China, and once your identity is proven, no admittance deposit will be needed.   Special Features include comprehensive cover applicable anytime, anywhere in PRC Coverage, Medical Expenses (Accident and Sickness), Emergency Medical Evacuation, Hospital Income, Care Visit, etc.


Kidnap & Ransom

In an increasingly perilous world, organizations with international operations can be a target for kidnappers or extortionists or even business travelers and their families, and should require the protection of an experienced hand.  A special coverage may be arranged worldwide with an unparalleled combination of insurance and crisis management expertise.  


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