We can cater to different areas of film / video production and photography, from TV commercials to documentaries, photography to music videos. They can be taken separately or together as a package.


Pre-Production Cast or Key Personnel Insurance

This provides cover in the event that a loss occurs by reason of the key personnel designated for the insurance being prevented by their death, injury, illness or kidnapping occurring during the period of the Insurance: 

From commencing or completing their respective duties or performances during the extended pre-production period, or

From commencing principal photography of a declared production.  


Cast & Key Personnel Insurance

This provides cover in the event that a loss occurs by reason of the insured key cast that is prevented from commencing, continuing or completing their respective duties or performance in the Insuredís production due to death or illness.


Props, Sets & Wardrobes, Camera, Sound, Lighting & Miscellaneous Equipment etc

This coverage insures against ďall riskĒ and direct physical loss or damage to the property covered from external cause, such as fire, water damage, theft, accidental damage. However, the policy does not cover against damage due to insects, vermin, inherent vice, latent defects, rust, contamination, shortage of inventory or unexplained loss or mysterious disappearance.


Extra Expenses

This indemnifies against losses incurred (excluding loss of earnings or profit) as the Insured shall sustain by reason of such extra expenses necessarily incurs in the event of interruption, postponement or cancellation of a declared production as a direct and sole result of loss or damage to property, facilities contracted by the Insured in connection with the production caused by the perils insured against, and occurring during the coverage.


Public Liability

Public Liability covers the Insuredís legal liability to claims made against the Insured by the general public or venue owner for personal injury and/or property damage, which occurred due to the alleged negligence of the Insured and/or his employees.


Office Equipment and Money Cover

This policy covers against loss or damage to miscellaneous office equipment, located at the Insuredís permanent office or production and/or set location.  The money section covers accidental loss or theft of cash used in the production.


Cancellation Insurance

Coverage may be arranged for cancellation of the production due to circumstances that are beyond the control of the Insured including strikes, delayed aircraft, or adverse weather for outdoor shooting.


Personal Accident & Death Cover

Personal Accident Insurance may be arranged for professions such as film directors, actors and other crew, etc. 


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