The comprehensive insurance program package is designed for professional event organizers and promoters.  It comprises of a number of individual covers; each section can be taken separately or as a package, according to the needs of each promoter.



Cancellation Insurance is the primary cover that all organizers and promoters should consider against losses incurred due to unforeseen cancellation and/or postponement of the event due to circumstances beyond your control.  Included are reimbursement of incurred and unrecoverable expenses that the promoter has outlaid and the loss of anticipated net profit on the event.  This includes cancellation, postponement of event due to adverse weather, such as typhoon and rainstorm warning.


Non-Appearance & Non-Performance

Cover can also be extended to include cancellation of event due to Non-Appearance & Non-Performance of the key/lead actors or performers due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer/promoter, including illness, death, accident, but excluding breach of contract or illegal acts.


Adverse Weather

Outdoor events can be covered against cancellation and/or postponement due to adverse weather conditions.  Special conditions apply for this section and cover and order must be placed at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the event.


Public Liability

Public Liability covers the organizer/promoter’s legal liability to the general public or the venue owner with regards to claims made against them for personal injury and/or property damage which occurred due to the alleged negligence of the insured and/or his employees and sub contractors.


Property “All Risks” Cover

This covers the organizer/promoter against loss or damage to sound, lighting electronic equipment and/or other miscellaneous equipment that he owns, has hired or borrowed for the event. The policy covers loss or damage due to fire, accidental damage, theft, transit cover, etc.


Money Cover

This covers the organizer/promoter against loss of money on transit, at the venue, in personal custody of the insured or the appointed staff and from a locked safe.


Personal Accident & Death Cover

Personal Accident Insurance may be arranged for professions such as actors, actresses, athletics, musicians, and technical crews.


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