Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity policy for companies will cover your “breach of duty of care” to clients.   The policy will pay for the cost of reciting an error and the costs that are contractually bound to pay to your suppliers, as well as your fees and commissions that cannot be recovered from your client.  It protects you, your directors and shareholders, as well as your clients, in the event of an unforeseen error damaging you or your client’s business.   Professional Indemnity gives your clients assurance of your quality controls and large corporations the confidence to use small companies that may be pushed into liquidation if they were faced with claims.   Breach of duty of care includes:  

Breach of copyright  

Libel, slander or defamation  

Fraud, dishonesty committed  

Loss, destruction or damage to any documentation  

Losses incurred to rectify an error that prevents a full claim being made against you  

Fees and Commissions unpaid as a result of perceived negligence  

Legal defense costs in the event of a claim being made against you  


Business Interruption

Indemnity for the increase in cost of operating the business for the period of up to 12 months resulting from loss or damage to office contents or office premises. 


Employees’ Compensation

Insurance for employers’ legal liability to employees for bodily injury, governed by common law and statute.


Staff - Group Medical Plan

A tailor made indemnity coverage against the cost of hospitalization and/or out-patient and/or dental visits for a group of more than 5 persons. 


Staff - Expatriate Medical Plan

A comprehensive worldwide cover specially designed for expatriates. 


Office Package - including Content, Money and Public Liability etc

For office occupants designed to protect your business against loss or damage to office contents, money, Third Party Liability and Employees' Compensation, etc. 


Property “All Risk”

A comprehensive insurance for buildings or property with significant sum insured or special property like roads, bridges, tunnels, airport, hospital, racecourse etc can be arranged. Property insurance can be on full value or excess of loss basis. Besides property insurance, we also cover Loss of Profit, Money insurance, and Fidelity Guarantee.


Public Liability

To protect against third party claims for damages and legal expenses arising out of:  

Bodily Injury  

Property Damage  

Personal and Advertising Injury  


Business Travel

Tailor-made benefit items and different plans are available upon company and employee's needs towards a comprehensive insurance to help protect the greatest asset of a corporate ie. your employees, to ensure peace of mind wherever your business is expanding.  It has the typical covers from Accidental Death & Disablement, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Personal Baggage, Personal Money, Trip Cancellation or Curtailment, Travel Delay, Baggage Delay, Document Loss, etc.   One policy to insure all employees for all overseas business trips all round the year.


Companies’ Vehicles / Motors

Under the ownership, care and control of the company for both commercial and private use. The Insured can insure the vehicle for either Comprehensive or Third Party Only. 


Contractors’ “All Risk”

A comprehensive insurance for Worldwide Telecommunication Projects with insurance for periods of construction, testing and commissioning, operational and even maintenance periods. Insurance includes all risks insurance on contract works or equipment, delay in start up, loss of profit and third party liability.


Products Liability

Whether you are operating only in Hong Kong, or sells its product throughout the world, in today's litigious environment, they need to help protect their assets and their future; from the threat of spiraling legal costs and high liability judgments.   The Product Liability Insurance is designed to protect manufacturers against claims brought against them for injury or damage sustained in connection with their products. The policy also covers them against the legal costs that are incurred in defending the claim.


Excess Liability / Umbrella Liability

In the current environment of increasing legal costs and high liability judgments, you may need strong liability protection more than ever before. A catastrophe can occur at any time. In the event that it does, Excess and Umbrella Policies will help protect assets by providing higher limits have been exhausted or do not respond.   Insurers provide 2 separate coverages:  

Excess Follow Form Liability

Umbrella Liability  


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